West Coast native Bruce Conte honed his guitar skills playing the local clubs of San Francisco. A lucky break came in the early ’70’s when his band landed the opener for hometown heroes, Tower of Power at the legendary Fillmore. Soon after, TOP recruited Bruce resulting in a seven-year relationship including eight recordings for the young guitarist. You’ll find Bruce’s signature licks on hits like “What Is Hip” from the band’s 1973 self-titled release, plus “Don’t Change Horses in the Middle of a Stream” and “Squibb Cakes” (Back to Oakland). He also added to the Tower of Power repertoire by contributing songs like “Somewhere Down the Road” (We Came to Play), “It Can Never Be the Same” (Urban Renewal) and “Just Another Day” (Tower of Power). In addition to his Severn title, Bullet Proof, Bruce has several other titles in his catalog including 1997’s Right From My Heart (Lucky Records) and Rumor Has It on R-Town (1999).


Bullet Proof (Severn CD-0015 © 2002)
Rumor Has It (R-Town Records)
Right From the Heart (Lucky Records)
Tower of Power – The Very Best Of Tower of Power: The Warner Years (Rhino Records)
Tower of Power – What Is Hip? Tower of Power Anthology (Rhino Records)
Tower of Power – We Came To Play (Columbia Records)
Tower of Power – Live & In Living Color (Warner Brothers)
Tower of Power – Ain’t Nothin’ Stoppin’ Us Now (Columbia Records)
Tower of Power – In the Slot (Warner Brothers)
Tower of Power – Urban Renewal (Warner Brothers)
Tower of Power – Back to Oakland (Warner Brothers)
Tower of Power – Tower of Power (Warner Brothers)