Checkered Past, New Tomorrow: Essential AMS (1988-2005) represents a period of over 15 years of the All Mighty Senators, a mainstay in the festival and club circuit. The compilation spans the first 7″ single “TNRS” (1988) through the first five albums prior to Music Is Big Business (2003). Also included is live material recorded at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles while on tour with the Pretenders in 2003, and a previously unreleased tune called “Checkered Past.”

“By linking bits of Funk, Metal, R&B, Blues Boogie, acoustic instrumentation, and even Frank Zappa-isms, toss out a sassy, temperamental musical whole that is nothing short of beguiling.” — Billboard

“[Landis Expandis] calls the funky guitar and horn-heavy music he makes ‘rock & soul,’ and it’s designed to empower the inner superhero in us all. Oh, and to make you dance. Expandis and his cohorts succeed admirably.” — The New Yorker

“I bumped into these Senators when they opened for the Pretenders recently, which proves the virtue of getting to shows on time. Singer-drummer Landis Expandis hit his kit standing up, in a pimp – adelic fur hat— like a love child of Sly Stone and the Velvet Underground’s Moe Tucker—as the Senators packed Family Stone-style horns and shout-along hooks into their party mix of the Roots and the Specials.” — Rolling Stone


We would like to dedicate this CD our friends Mark Strazza, Donnon Murray, Rob Little, Duke, and all the Superfriends who have supported us throughout the years.

In addition, we would like to send a special thanks to Steve Cyphers for his help and encouragement in putting this project together.

The All Mighty Senators would like to thank all our musical compatriots who have played with us over the years, including Brett Sharbaugh, Mitchell Valiant, Craig Considine, Ben Watson, Calvin Tullos, Jeff Chiaverinni, Mike Leedom, John Partridge, Frank Mitchell, Todd Butler, Barry Hampton, Junior Bryce, Greg Thompkins, Kyle Hollingsworth, CJ, Jeff Brown, Jon Gillespie, George Porter Jr., Jimmy Davies, Kelly Bell, Melissa Sharlat, Drex, Felicia Shakman, Rob Hornfeck, Jammal Jones, Kyle Coughlin, Al Oikari, Topaz, Dave Davis, Sean McCall, Alex Norse, Paul Hannah, Rob Ercolano, Eric Weigman, Ben Frock, Grady Southard, JC Kuhl, Ted Albano, and all the many others.


Landis McCord: Drums and Vocals
Warren Boes: Guitars and Vocals
Jack Denning: Bass Guitar and Electronics
Dave Finnell: Trumpet and Keyboards
Craig Considine: Trombone

Additional Musicians
Brett Sharbaugh: Bass (2, 3, 7, 10, 13, 15)
Todd Butler: Trumpet (3, 8, 10)
Jeff Chiaverinni: Trombone (3, 8, 10-15)
Frank Mitchell: Tenor Sax (1, 11, 12, 14)
Calvin Tullos: Tenor Sax (13)
John Partridge: Baritone Sax (2, 3, 8, 10-12)
Mike Leedom: Tenor Sax (2)
Greg Thompkins: Tenor Sax (15)
Mitchell Valiant: Vocals (9)
Dave Davis: Guitar (9)
Eric Weigman: Drums (9)
Barry Hampton: Background Vocals (7)
CJ: Background Vocals (1)


Produced by All Mighty Senators, Frank Marchand (1-3, 5-8, 10-12,14-15), Mark Strazza (9), Aaron Gee Clogh (13), Josh Mobley (2, 8), Landis McCord (2)
All songs by All Mighty Senators except track 6: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones / Universal-Polygram Intl Pub OBO / Nineden, Ltd.
Cover Photography: Sam Holden
Graphic Design: Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Springfield, VA

Severn CD0038