At long last, after a decade of successful recording and touring, Mike Morgan and the Crawl deliver what his fans have been waiting for. Live in Dallas is pure Texas blues straight from the roadhouse!

Recorded at Bootlegger’s Bar, deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, Live in Dallas boasts superior clarity without sacrificing the ambiance of the nightclub setting. It’s all here: Blistering fretwork, searing slide, and a rhythm section that is tight enough to keep any dance floor rockin’. Mike performs blues classics from the likes of Jimmy Reed, Frankie Lee Simms, and Junior Parker along with an assortment of originals from his own catalog. This CD is perfect for any fan of Texas style guitar and rockin’ blues.

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Fans have asked when I was going to make a live CD for a long time now. Well… here it is! The band and I had been off for about a month when we got together for this gig. Not having even seen each other for over a month I was, needless to say, a little nervous about recording. As fate would have it the band was “ON” and everyone stepped up to the plate with their “A” game. Chris played a great rhythm all night long and does a great vocal and solo on his self penned “Help Me Baby.” Rhandy was in the pocket all night long and even does the beatnik vocal on “The Wino Song” that he helped pen. Check out the cool bass rhythm on “Shame, Shame, Shame;” Kevin always blows my mind and plays just what I want to hear—he really “listens” to the whole band and helps propel a solo to another level. It really makes things easy for a bandleader and front man when the band is behind you like a ten-ton train rolling down the tracks! We had a blast playing when we recorded this CD. There was a lot of energy on stage all night. Anyhoo… sit back and crank ‘er up. I hope you enjoy. — Mike

Thanks to Almighty God for making everything possible. Thanks to all of our friends and fans who have stuck with us through the years. Thanks to Steve Newsom and everyone at Action Suzuki ( for helping and giving me time off when I need it. A Special thanks to: Dave Cowles at GHS Strings, Doug Sewell at Sewell Amplifiers, Mark Baier at Victoria Amps, Craig Wallace at Craig Wallace Amp repair, and Kenny K at Larry Morgan Music for Guitar Repair. I would like to send out a special thanks to my Mom and Pamela who have been my biggest fans and supporters. And a big thanks to David Earl at Severn Records and Bert Pijpers at CRS Records for believing in me.

This CD is dedicated to the loving memory of Tinker Williams and Blake Lindsey.


Mike Morgan: Guitar and Vocals, Bass Guitar on “The Wino Song”
Chris Zalez: Guitar and Vocals, 1st Guitar Solo on “Help Me Baby”
Rhandy Simmons: Bass and Beatnik Vocal
Kevin Schermerhorn: Drums


Produced by Mike Morgan
Recorded by J.D. Simms
Mixed by Mike Morgan, Paul Osborn, John Ohagan, and Jason Bennedetto
Mastered by David Earl at Severn Sound Studio, Crownsville, MD
Photography by David True, Pamela Rhoades, and Darren Price
Graphic Art by Alex Sahebi

Severn CD0026