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Severn Records presents Son of the Seventh Son, the label debut from Larry “Mud” Morganfield, son of the legendary Muddy Waters; a rather intimidating act to follow unless you have the blues embedded in your genetic code. Mud Morganfield proves to be a chip off the old block with a powerful 12-song set of mostly original tunes in the classic Chicago blues style.

Recorded in Chicago and produced by Bob Corritore, Son of the Seventh Son features Mud’s earthy, soulful vocals backed by a cadre of blues all-stars including Kenny Smith on drums, Rick Kreher and Billy Flynn on guitar, Barrelhouse Chuck on keyboards, E.G. McDaniel on bass, and Harmonica Hines and Bob Corritore on harp. “I just couldn’t have done this without those cats, man,” Morganfield told writer Terry Mullins in an interview published in Blues Blast Magazine. “They brought something to the studio that will forever live in my heart. It brought out the best in me. It’s a great CD, some of the best work I’ve done so far. It’s got one great song after another on it.”

“There are two songs of pop’s on there and, with anything I do, I’m gonna add pop,” Morganfield said in the interview. “But the rest of the disc is made up of several songs that I wrote, along with a song that Bob Corritore wrote and one my good friend, Studebaker John wrote. But it’s all got that Muddy style to it, because that’s who I am. Without me even trying, I come off like the son of Muddy Waters and I’m proud that it’s like that.”

Mud’s commanding voice can summon up the spirit in a way that is all but lost in today’s contemporary blues world. With Son of the Seventh Son, he’ll make you remember what it is that made you fall in love with the blues in the first place.

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Mud Morganfield is the eldest son of Muddy Waters and he lives up to the dauntingly big shoes he has been left to fill. Mud’s voice, zest and swagger can summon up the ghost of his father to perfection. But Mud chooses to be multi-dimensional and his songwriting will take him to both the traditional Muddy sound, or to a decided departure when it serves the song. Not to be confused with his younger brother, Big Bill Morganfield, Mud has stood as his own man. He has become a hugely popular festival and concert attraction in Europe and South America and has made some critically acclaimed appearances at major US events such as the Chicago Blues Festival and the Rhythm Room 20 year anniversary party. His amazing voice, energetic stage show, and regal demeanor brings audiences to their feet.

Born in Chicago on September 27, 1954, Mud Morganfield is the child of Muddy Waters and the lovely Mildred McGhee. Mud, then known as Larry, grew up on the West Side which taught him a street toughness needed to survive. Though he always felt well looked after, he only saw his traveling father occasionally and always wished for more. But Muddy Waters’ music and personality were an integral part of his son’s childhood. Muddy bought young Mud his first drum kit at age 7. The son looked up to his dad as everything that a man and a musician should be. Mud began singing in the early 1980s but it was not until 2005, after being coaxed onto the stage by blues singer Mary Lane that he decided to look seriously at music as his professional calling.

His first appearance at the Chicago Blues Festival in 2007 surprised the blues world, and launched international interest. Now, with a growing fan base, a great record label behind him, all the right credentials, and a sensational live show, it feels like Mud’s time is right now.

I was honored to be asked and entrusted by Mud Morganfield to be the producer of his record. The cherished music of Muddy Waters has been a guiding force in my life, and I feel that the way Mud carries forward his dad’s legacy is something of a modern miracle. Recorded in 2 days during the extremely cold Chicago winter of February 2011, this CD brings you the great Mud Morganfield in all his glory. He is backed by a hand-picked band of Chicago’s A-List blues players: Billy Fynn, Rick Kreher, Barrelhouse Chuck, E.G McDaniel, Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith, plus Harmonica Hinds and myself switching off on the harp chores. The sound put forth is a contemporary version of traditional Chicago blues. Each player demonstrates a flair for ensemble style playing, while alternately standing out when called upon to solo. How appropriate that the son of Muddy Waters be backed by the son of his long time drummer. But everything on this record revolves around this spectacular voice which rings of his royal blues bloodline. I have to think that Muddy Waters is looking down from heaven and saying to himself “That’s my boy!” Here’s to the “Son Of the Seventh Son” as he fully realizes his destiny as both a keeper of the flame and an artist in his own right. —Bob Corritore, October 2011

Mud Morganfield thanks: Milldred Mcgee, Juanita Steele, Marie Dixon, Justin Jones, Kurt Swanson, the Morganfield Family, Bob Corritore, Rick Kreher, Big Joe Louis, Movinmusic / Mike Hellier, Chicago Blues Festival, Peter Nande, Richard Shurman, Igor Prado, Blues Foundation, Mariano Cardozo / Baires Blues, Gerard Homan / Shake Down Blues, Eddie Taylor Jr., David Earl and the Staff at Severn Records.


Mud Morganfield: Vocals
Rick Kreher: Guitar
Billy Flynn: Guitar
Barrelhouse Chuck: Piano, Organ
E.G. McDaniel: Bass
Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith: Drums
Harmonica Hinds: Harmonica (tracks 3, 4, 6, 11, 12)
Bob Corritore: Harmonica (tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10)


Produced by Bob Corritore
CD recorded February 2011 at Rax Trax Studios, Chicago, IL
Engineers: Mike Tholen, Rick Barnes and Malcolm Giron
Mixed by John Wroble, Porcupine Productions, Chandler, AZ
Mastering by Dave Shirk, Sonorous Mastering, Tempe, AZ
Photos by Chris Monaghan,Monaghan Photography
Design by Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, IL
Bob Corritore appears courtesy of Delta Groove Records

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