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Sputnik Cafe finds the Rockin’ Highliners stretching beyond the jump/swing influences found on earlier recording to deliver 12 hard-driving numbers that are rooted in tradition but firmly planted in the 21st century.

Held together by the tight rhythm unit of Ken McMahon on drums and Chris Byrne on bass, Sputnik Café stands above the rest of today’s blues releases with its fresh approach to blues-infused rock & roll. “Blues used to be about life experiences,” says lead vocalist Robert Tycholis, “but somewhere down the line it’s changed to be mostly about girls in tight jeans and the like. We have more to say than that. And that’s what we were going for with this record. It’s really who we are.”


There have been so many people in our short career who have been somehow responsible for our success. It is not possible to thank or, for that matter, remember you all. If we have forgotten, we are truly sorry. The band wants to thank all of our fans wherever you are. We want to thank our friends and families for support and love. The Margis family and Barry and Kim Tycholis for being more than family. Lee Sample for keeping an eye on us. Michele, Rhonda, and Heather for love and patience. Bill McMahon and his wrenches. Chris Brzezicki and his bass. “Diamond” Jay Sheffield, for this record and more, thank you. Steve Gomes for telling us the way it is. “Gomes says!!!” Marc Pearce at Hok Nik for being a great friend and a great webmaster. David Earl, The Agency Group/Canada (Ralph James), Melanie Cheek at Spirit River, Kevin Peden. For Sally and all she has done past, present, and future, we thank you. A special thank you to “Irving’s” in Dauphin, for always feeding us. In memory of all those great souls that crossed over on 9/11/01. And for Scott Carl Conquergood, 9/14/01.


Clayton Sample: Guitar
Ken McMahon: Drums, percussion
Robert Tycholis: Vocals
Greg Demchuk: Guitar, harmonica
Chris Byrne: Bass

Honorary Members:
Benjie Porecki: Organ
Steve Cyphers: Percussion
David Earl: Lap steel


Produced by David Earl and Steve Gomes
Recorded and mixed at Severn Sound Studio
Engineered by David Earl
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Springfield, VA
Additional engineering and technical assistance by John Monforte
CD design by Steve Potter.
Photography by Randy Santos
Photos taken on location at the Sputnik Cafe, Crownsville, MD
Severn Records and the Rockin’ Highliners would like to thank the management and staff of the Sputnik Cafe.
Ken McMahon plays Ayotte drums and drumsticks and Sabian cymbals
Thank you to Ayotte Drums (Randy and Mark) and Sabian Cymbals (Ann MacNally).

All songs written by Tycholis/McMahon/Sample/Demchuk/Byrne except for “Fine Time” written by Tycholis/McMahon/Sample/Demchuk/Brzezicki

Publishers: The Rockin’ Highliners – SOCAN/DE Music – BMI

Severn CD0018