Mike Morgan’s CD vision is indeed a Lone Star spanker with a special guarantee of pleasure for the faithful among us who prefer our sounds to be drenched in blue. Besides snatching tunes out of their wide open spaces, Texas bluesmen have always had the foresight of digging, listening to and browsing music from other locales and seamlessly blending it into their own musical gumbo. Whether listening to Mike’s Louisiana tinged “Whoa My Darlin’,” or his soulful rendition of “Five Thousand Miles From Home,” you can tell he’s a stone cold travelin’ man. Slide guitar aficionados will appreciate Mike’s send-ups of some Chicago staples showing he can indeed hold his own in the Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor sweepstakes.

This time round Mike’s vocals are on display front and center; he’s got the chops. Check out his swagger on “Texas Man” or how Mike’s melody drives it home on my favorite track, “I’m Gonna Love You.”

Around the start of the Millennium I started praying to the Lord to please send me a CD I could heartily enjoy. Well here it is. Thanks Mike!! — Wes Race “Blues Spectator at Large” 9/8/00

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Special Thanks To: God, Shirley Morgan, Pamela Rhoades, Casey and Chase Rhoades, William and Mary Allen, Roberta Morgan, Trey Flewellen and Rudy Miller at Doc Blues Records, Cooper Stewart at Wizard’s Sports Cafe, Hash Brown, Anson and Renee Funderburgh, Jim Suhler, Gary Primich, Jon Moeller, Wes Starr, Rhandy Simmons, Riley Osborne, Billy Whitley, Pat Alexander and Cole Gress at American Suzuki, Steve, Big Jack Mounts, David and Jack at Action Suzuki, Paul Middleton and Chris Bell at Palmyra Studios 972-845-2313 (palmyrastudios.com) B.J. Willis Painting Contractor in Hillsboro TX for the Long Horns, Erkan Ozdemir, Mike Straughan, Mark and Cynthia, Tad and Janice, Matt and Linda, Vince Jordan at The Blue Cafe, Paul Osborne at Audio Dallas Studios, Allsport Dynamics Ankle Braces and last but not least all of the friends and fans.

This CD is dedicated to the loving memory of Robert Morgan Jr. 4/2/42 – 10/30/99


Mike Morgan: Guitar and vocals
Anson Funderburgh: Guitar
Rhandy Simmons: Bass
Wes Starr: Drums
Riley Osborne: Keyboards
Jon Moeller: Guitar
Gary Primich: Harmonica
Kevin Schermerhorn: Drums


Produced by Mike Morgan
Mixed by Mike Morgan, Paul Middleton, Chris Bell, Paul Osborne
Photography: Pamela Rhoades
Design: Niels at Fonts+Files, Haarlem

Severn CD0014