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1. Reginald Cooper – Shade Tree Mechanic
Joe Shamwell, A.D. Prestage, Walter Godbo – Malaco Music BMI

2. Charlie Love – Ooh Baby, Hold Me
C. Burnett Arc Music Corp. BMI

3. Harmonica Hinds – Kill That Mouse
M. Hinds

4. Little Arthur Duncan – Can’t Stand It No More
Hate to See you go W. Jacobs, Arc Music BMI

5. Jeff Taylor – Gangster of Love
J. Watson Bootie Ootie Music BMI

6. Big D – I’ve Got To Be With You Tonight
James Moore, Embassy Music Corp. BMI

7. Harmonica Hinds –Sunday Morning Blues
M. Hinds

8. Reginald Cooper – Give Me Back That Wig
J. Bihari, S. Hopkins Modern Music Publ. Co. BMI

9. Jeff Taylor – Honest I Do
E. Abner, J. Reed Conrad Music BMI, The Seeds of Reed Music BMI

10. Big D – Well You Know
C. W. Triplett Ashna - E.E. BMI

11. Charlie Love – The 12 Year Old Boy
M. London - Conrad Music, Lonmel Publishing Inc. BMI

12. Little Arthur Duncan – Gone To Main Street
M. Morganfield – Arc Music, Watertoons BMI

In 2005 Severn released, The Chicago Blues Harmonica Project, Diamonds in the Rough. The project was intended to show that blues harmonica was alive and well in Chicago contrary to what was written and widely believed. Due to the overwhelming response to the first album, we once again shine the spotlight on six more Chicago harmonica talents deserving wider recognition. The result is 'More Rare Gems'. These are real deal bluesman working night after night in the windy city honing their craft. The frontmen include the late Little Arthur Duncan, Harmonica Hinds, Charlie Love, Reginald Cooper, Jeff Taylor and Russ Green and are backed by the great group The Chicago Bluesmasters.
Thanks to Hiroshi Takahasi, Scott Dirks, Barry Dolins, Tom Mazzolini, Barbara and Gary Hood, and Billy Branch. Special thanks to David Earl and the staff of Severn for their belief in this project. In memory of Carey Bell who touched all involved in this project.

Twist Turner DrumsMark (Max) Brumbach Piano Rick Kreher Guitar Illinois Slim GuitarE.G. McDaniel Bass
Recorded November 11 and 12, 2006 a Delta Roots Sound Studios, Chicago, Illinois Produced, engineered and mixed by The Chicago Bluesmasters Photography by Kurt Swanson, Soulful Impressions Design by Al Brandtner