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1. Servin' It Up (Breakfast)
B. Porecki, Funklove Productions/DE Music BMI

2. Last Train To Aaltar
A. Schultz, DE Music BMI

3. Beautiful Love
V. Young, Movie Tone Music Corp., Haven Gillespie Music BMI

4. Chicken Neck Wilson
B. Porecki, Funklove Productions/DE Music BMI

5. Blue In Green (Introduction)
M. Davis, Sony ATV Songs BMI

6. Blue In Green
M. Davis, Sony ATV Songs BMI

7. Baptism #2
B. Porecki, Funklove Productions/DE Music BMI

8. Servin' It Up (Dinner)
B. Porecki, Funklove Productions/DE Music BMI

9. Sunny
B. Hebb, Portable Music Co., Inc./Unichappel Music, Inc. BMI

10. Boogie On Raggae Woman
S. Wonder, Jobette Music, EMI/Black Bull Music, Inc. BMI

11. 5 A.M. In the Night
B. Porecki, Funklove Productions/DE Music BMI

12. Bridge Over Trouble Water
P. Simon, Paul Simon Music

"No need to keep looking through telescopes at heaven for new stars, the newest star is right here on the ground in the DC area."
Keter Betts
World-Renowned Bassist
Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Byrd
and many more

For decades, jazz and blues musicians have shared a deep love for each other's music. Many artists have opted to combine the freeform stylings of jazz with the mellow groove of blues resulting in timeless recordings still found in today's record bins. One such album remaining true to that tradition is Servin' It Up by Severn Records recording artist Benjie Porecki (that's Pour-ek-ee).

Servin' It Up is a tradition-true, all instrumental jazz album where Porecki's hip, youthful energy is the driving force behind the music. The disc covers the gamut of styles from the soulful organ grooves of "Servin' It Up" and "Boogie On Reggae Woman" to the subtle nuances of jazz piano heard in cuts like "Sunny" and Miles Davis' "Blue In Green".

Servin' It Up features guest guitarist Alex Schultz (Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers), whose tasteful fretwork compliments Porecki's organ and keyboard work, and the tight rhythm section comprised of bassist Steve Gomes (Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters and Darrell Nulisch) and Robb Stupka (Luther Allison and Johnny Lange). The album was recorded in just over two days and is a testament to the extraordinary talents of each musician.

A self-taught musician, Porecki was inspired at a young age by the music of Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Stevie Wonder, to name a few. He performed professionally for most of his youth until 1991 when he put his career on hold to enroll at the Berklee School of Music. "I didn't like the rigidness of the classroom environment" recalls Porecki, "so I left after only one semester. I wanted to further explore the world of jazz and funk and do my own thing". In the summer of 1996 he did just that by recording and producing his first solo effort, Going On Through (Funklove Productions).

Going On Through managed to capture the attention of local musicians, which led to side gigs and recording sessions with several of Washington's premier jazz and blues performers including Chuck Brown, Ron Holloway, and Keter Betts. In addition, Benjie caught the interest of executives at Severn Records and Servin' It Up was recorded.

His affiliation with Severn Records has brought Porecki further recognition with his appearance on The Whole Truth (Severn CD-0003) by veteran blues vocalist Darrell Nulisch. When not in the studio, he can be heard playing in Nulisch's touring band or with his own jazz-fusion band, the WPG Trio, featuring renowned jazz bassist Gary Grainger (John Scofield).

Although he may not have the years of experience most players of this caliber posses, at age 27, Porecki plays with the passion of a man three times his age. Servin' It Up is a melodic journey into the depths of this young man's soul and is bound to leave the listener asking for seconds.
To the musicians on this album, you guys are great! Thank you for being funky, listening, and laying it in the pocket. Chris Rival, you are wonderful to work with, thank you for your patience, constant good nature, and exceptional skills. To everyone at the Sportsman's Lounge, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Bob Haynes, Anita Thompson, Eleanor Janey, Bernard, Kenny, Virginia, George and Domingus. I especially would like to thank all of the terrific musicians I get to play with on a daily basis. You know who you are it's a gift to work with you and I wake up every morning thankful. Thank you mom and dad for this blessed life. Marcy G., Blues Webb, the Grainger family, Haj, Jaavad, and Maureen, thank you for being a huge and beautiful part of my life. Thank you Keter Betts and Darrell Nulisch for your kind words. Thank you Joan Matthews for being such a loveable funkster. Finally, thank you David Earl, without you, this album would not exist.
Having learned about Benjie through my close friend and musical mentor, Steve Gomes, I was expecting to hear a great B-3/piano player. And Benjie is that and much more. He has a presence I've rarely encountered the complete package: musicianship, soul, creativity, and an innate essence of cool, all charged with hip, youthful energy. It all comes across on this disc. Recorded just over two days, this was a shoes-off session, a real study of groove. Gomes and Robb Stupka, a seamless team for a few years now, locked in from the jump. Alex Schultz's restraint and unaffected tone leaves me begging for more. And Benjie is definitely keeping it real.
Darrell Nulisch

Benjie Porecki: Piano, Organ, Electric Piano
Alex Schultz: Guitar
Steve Gomes: Bass
Robb Stupka: Drums
Produced by Benjie Porecki
Executive Producer: David Earl
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Rival at My Generation Studios, Somerville, MA
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer, Air Show, Inc., Springfield, VA
Photography and Digital Enhancement: Randy Santos, Randolph Photography
All photos shot on location at the Sportsman's Lounge, Baltimore, MD
CD Design: Atelier Design, Washington, D.C.