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1. You Don't Know Me

2. The Woman Don't Live Here No More

3. Work For love

4. Just For You

5. It's A Shame

6. Just A Little Blues

7. Far Too Lonely

8. All The Love We Had

9. Let A Woman Be A Woman

10. Natural Thing

Once again I would like to thank David Earl and Severn Records for another opportunityto express myself, and for having the patience and perseverance to make thisand every project the best it can be.

Thanks also to my closest friends, who also happen to be my band mates, Steve,Robb, and Jon. Thanks to all the talented musicians and singers whose names arelisted for providing hip chops and soulful inspiration. Also thanks to Rico andErkan.

A very special thanks, and lots of love, go to Dolores and Lyla.

For everyone who believes in the power of live music and that the real heartbeatof American music is still beating, this one is ...

Just for You.

Peace, Darrell

Darrell Nulisch-Vocals and Harmonica
Johnny Moeller-Guitar
Benjie Porecki-Keyboards
Steve Gomes-Bass
Robb Stupka-Drums
Victor Williams-Percussion
Meg Murray-Background Vocals
Carla Chisholm-Background Vocals
Lou Pride-Background Vocals
Tommy Williams-Trumpet
Kevin Burns-Trumpet
Kenny Rittenhouse-Trumpet
Scott Young-Alto Saxophone and Flutes
Bruce Swaim-Tenor Saxophone
Jeff Antoniuk-Tenor Saxophone
Scott Silbert-Baritone Saxophone
John Jensen-Trombone
Produced by David Earl, Steve Gomes, Darrell Nulisch
Recorded and Mixed by David Earl, Severn Studios, Crownsville and Severn MD
Horns Arranged and Conducted by Willie Henderson Jr.
Mastered by: David Glasser, Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO
CD design by Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, IL
Cover photo David Earl
Back cover Photo by Kurt Swanson, Soulful Impressions
Portrait Photo by Amber Bowers, Amber Bowers Photography