MUD MORGANFIELD | Severn Records


Muddy Waters’ first born son, Larry “Mud” Williams (born 1954), was raised by his mother and often heard the nicknames of “Muddy”, “Muddy Jr.” and “Little Muddy”. But he prefers Mud Morganfield and it is fitting.  It’s uncanny how much he looks and sounds like his dad.

Mud rarely saw his famous father, “he was always on the road working” but, as he notes, the old man was always there for him.

“I always have played music. Pops used to buy me a set of drums every Christmas. I started off as a drummer and gradually went to playing bass…” Only recently has Mud stepped forward to embrace his musical gifts—a big voice that can only be compared to his daddy’s.

Mud is now ready to honor his pops and his music. “I started to sing to show the world that dad left me here. I love and am proud to sing his songs just like I love and will always be proud of him. I’m not Muddy Waters and I’m certainly not trying to be Muddy Waters. I’m Mud Morganfield. But when I’m up on stage I always feel pops is there with me and it means so much that I can get on stage and keep his music alive around the world.”


They Call Me Mud (Severn CD-0073 © 2018)
Son of the Seventh Son (Severn CD-0055 © 2012)
Mud Morganfield and Kim Wilson—For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters (Severn CD-0064 © 2014)
Fall Waters Fall (Pops Daisy)