WE NEED YOUR HELP — Radio stations nationwide are supporting Tad Robinson’s Day Into Night (April 21).  Still, there are many who aren’t yet reporting.  If you don’t see your favorite station listed below, please call and request “Soul Lover” or “Love Is a Winner.”

Even if your station is listed, we still need you.  After all, we all know more spins are better, right! Contact your local deejay and request your favorite track.

 “Tad Robinson just gets better with each album.  Knowing that you’ll get a strong set of soul-blues from this fine singer is as inevitable as ‘Day Into Night’!” — Sheryl & Don, Nashville Blues Society

KRSH Santa Rosa, CA
WMMQ Lansing, MI
WXMX Memphis, TN
KPRI San Diego, CA
WMMM Madison, WI
WFIV Knoxville, TN
KRFX Denver, CO
KRVM Eugene OR
WFHB Bloomington, IN
KDNK Carbondale, CO
WCBE Columbus, OH
KRSH Santa Rosa, CA
WZLO Bangor, MA
KPIG Monterey, CA
KFMG Des Moines, IA
Wildman Steve Radio

Thanks from Tad and everyone at Severn Records.

Tad Robinson, Day Into Night (Severn CD0065): Soul Lover│Call Me (Version 1)│Lonely Talking│He’s Moved On│Lead Me On│Mellow In Love│Love Is a Winner│Blue Yesterday│While You Were Gone│Nightwatch│Need Some Better│Call Me (Version 2)

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