Now that Sam Butler’s RAISE YOUR HANDS! is officially out, great reviews are starting to pour in!  Most recent ones include those from Elmore Magazine, Classicalite and Don & Sheryl Blues Blog.  Read on for details.

Elmore Magazine: Together the four (Butler, Collier, Giovino & Krauss) make some glorious noise– it’s impossible to sit still while listening. (Click here for the entire review.)

Mike Greenblatt at Classicalite writes, ” . . . the songs are pulled inside out so deliciously, you won’t even recognize them.” He further adds, “The material may be heaven sent but this is no gospel album. It’s a romper-stomper rhythm ‘n’ blues barn burner set off by Nashville’s go-to rhythm section . . .”

Music reviewers Don & Sheryl of the Nashville Blues Society have this to say:  If your soul is in need of some musical manna, “Raise Your Hands!” is filling fare, indeed! Read the entire review here: Don & Sheryl’s Blues Blog.