RAISE YOUR HANDS! continues to garner great reviews. Here are quotes from the latest:

Jazz Weekly: Sam Butler street preaches here as he takes a series of spirituals and Christian related songs and delivers them with the ferver of John the Baptist…

UK Vibe: …while the inspiration is gospel-inspired songs, the delivery is very much blues-rock…If you like your gospel-blues on the dark side of town, then this album may be for you.

Crossroads Blues Society: If more churches offered music with this kind of impact, sung with the eloquence of Butler’s voice, there is no doubt that church pews would be full.

Shepherd Express: …invigorating…Butler and his three-piece band capture the spirit of the originals while creating something entirely new.

Something Else: An exciting debut from the ex-Blind Boys of Alabama guitarist. Like all the best religious records, Raise Your Hands! has that the ability to lift the spirits of pagans and Christians alike. All that’s required is a belief in good, unfiltered rock ‘n’ roll.